GED Testing On Computer Coming To Motlow

Motlow College, in order to provide more adult learners throughout the state with high school credentials, is partnering with the GED Testing Service to offer the GED test on computer. Registration and scheduling will be available to candidates on Oct. 15, and testing will begin on Nov. 13. Registering, scheduling and testing on computers will provide a new experience and new benefits for GED test-takers. These new features will improve the GED testing program, which is a gateway for adults to find jobs or better paying jobs, enter the workforce or college training programs, and better support themselves and their families. The GED test on computer includes the same test content currently offered on paper. Its accompanying systems will provide an array of new benefits for both the testing center and GED test-takers. Some of the initial benefits include one-stop online registration and scheduling available 24/7, flexible testing appointments for test-takers, instant test scores on four of five content areas, an introduction of basic keyboarding and computer skills, and enhanced test security. “Motlow College is proud to lead the way on GED testing on computer,” said Regina Burden, assistant vice president for student affairs at the College. Test-takers interested in taking the test on computer at Motlow College should go to Offering GED testing on computer also has an important role to increasing accessibility and flexibility for test-takers, since a double-digit increase in the number of GED test-takers is expected by 2013. A new GED assessment is scheduled to be released in Jan. 2014, and a significant number of adults who haven’t taken or passed all five content areas will want to test before their scores expire at the end of 2013. The GED test is the only high school equivalency program recognized by all 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia. Since 1942, more than 18 million adults have earned GED test credentials.