Gas Prices Keep On Falling

gas prices2The national average for regular unleaded gasoline fell below $3.00 per gallon for the first time since December 22, 2010 on Saturday.
More than sixty percent of U.S. gas stations are currently selling gas lower than $3.00 a gallon, while twenty-three states currently have averages under the $3.00 mark today. Motorists in the Southeast United States are currently enjoying some of the cheapest gas prices in the country. The average price of gas in Tennessee is the 2nd lowest in the nation.
“Gas prices are still falling,” said Josh Carrasco, spokesman, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “There is still room for the price at the pump to drop in the short term. We could see prices slide another 5-15 cents by the end of the year.”
Gas prices fell 33 cents per gallon in the month of October, the steepest decline since 2008. Much of the decline can be attributed to falling crude oil prices, which accounts for two-thirds of the cost of gasoline.
The current national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline is $2.98, down 6 cents from last week. The price at the pump fell 6 cents in Tennessee this week, where motorists are paying $2.72 on the average per gallon. The low price in Manchester is $2.62 and in Tullahoma the low price for gas is $2.63.