Gas Prices Go Up Again But Will Not Go Above $3 Per Gallon

gas prices 4The national average pump price of gasoline is expected to stay below $3 per gallon during 2015. In its new monthly forecast, the U.S. Energy Information Administration said the retail price for regular gasoline should average $2.33 per gallon this year. The price of gasoline increased in early February after falling for 17 weeks in a row. But gasoline prices will continue to remain low in 2015 when compared with pump prices in recent years because of expected low crude oil costs. As a result, the average U.S. household is expected to save $750 in gasoline costs this year compared with 20 14.
As of Tuesday afternoon the average price per gallon in Tennessee is $2.06. In Manchester the low price is $1.93 and in Tullahoma the low price per gallon is $1.89.