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Gas Prices Fall Slightly before Memorial Day Weekend

(Doug Kerr/Flickr)

Tennessee’s state average gas price is $2.53 per gallon for regular unleaded, making it the sixth lowest state average in the nation. The average is four cents less than the average a week ago and seven cents less than a one month ago and 14 cents less than a year ago.
The national gas price average is $2.85, one cent less than last week.
AAA Public Affairs Director Stephanie Milani said gas prices are getting cheaper for the majority of motorists ahead of the busy Memorial Day holiday. Milani said crude oil prices have remained relatively stable the past few months, which is one reason gas prices are cheaper than this time last year.
The low price per gallon for gas in Coffee County as of Tuesday afternoon was $2.37 in Tullahoma and in Manchester, the low price was $2.41 per gallon.