Gas Prices beginning to Climb

Gas prices have been on a roller coaster ride this summer. After rising in the spring, then taking a nosedive last month, pump prices are climbing once again, only to set up for another plunge in the fall.
The average price for gasoline in Tennessee rose 3 cents during the past week. The state average on Sunday was $2.05. Fewer than half of gas stations in Tennessee are selling regular unleaded for less than $2 a gallon. So far this year, the price of regular averaged $2.08 in Tennessee; 20 cents more than the same period last year.
AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins said gas prices should trend higher through the second half of the summer, and could challenge this year’s high of $2.18 before it’s all over. He said gas prices will drop after Labor Day as demand weakens and refiners switch to winter-blend gasoline.
The national average price for a gallon of regular Sunday was $2.28, a 3 cent increase over last week.
The low price per gallon as of Tuesday afternoon was $1.91 in Manchester and $1.94 in Tullahoma.