Frisbee Golf Anyone?

Tullahoma Parks and Recreation director Kurt Glick, briefed city leaders recently about the a Frisbee golf course and how city-owned land adjacent to East Middle School could be used to accommodate an 18-hole disc golf course. The recreation director stated that the course would probably cost approximately $35,000 to develop. But he pointed out that much of the work could be done by the Public Works and Parks and Recreation departments, cutting the price in half. Glick said that in recent years interest has grown in disc golf to where more than 3,000 courses have been built in the United States with a limited number in Canada and Mexico. He noted that the sport is played much like real golf. Frisbees are used instead of golf balls. Glick said cement pads would be required where traditional tee boxes would go and be the brunt of the project’s expense. The sport also requires the equivalent of golf cups, but instead would have special type baskets to catch the Frisbees. An 18-hole disc golf course extends about two miles. The city board will review the idea later.