Franklin County Sheriff’s Office suspending all work crew activity because of COVID-19 cases

The Franklin County Sheriff’s office is suspending all work crew activity due to positive cases of COVID at their office. The Sheriff’s office asks that anyone that may have business at the sherrifs office to try to conduct their business ocer the phone or electronically. You can go to our website for more information.

Due to detection of positive cases of the COVID 19 virus at the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, they are notifying everyone that all work crew activity has been suspended until further notice.

The Sheriff’s Office asks that any citizen having any business at the Sheriff’s Office please try to conduct that business by phone or electronic transmission.

If you have a need to go to the Sheriff’s Office please contact Franklin County Communications with your compliant and a deputy can meet you in the parking lot to help you. If you need law enforcement at your residence or business, you may still call and a deputy will respond. The Sheriff’s Office will be using this procedure until further notice and it is deemed safe to conduct business as usual. At such time, they will notify the public through a press release and on social media.