Four People Charged With Theft In Tullahoma

Tullahoma Police CarFour people were arrested on theft charges after a man reported theft of a pistol and wallet from his pickup.
According to warrants, Jesse William Culpepper reported on Sunday to Tullahoma Police Officer Joshua Yates that he was sleeping in his pickup truck and when he woke up there was a black male sitting in the front seat of the truck. The man told Culpepper that he was waiting on a friend. The male then got out of the pickup and went to a nearby apartment building.
Culpepper reported to police that his wallet and its contents along with a 1911 Colt 45 were missing from the truck.
When Officer Yates went to the apartment where the man had been he located Culpepper’s wallet in the inside of a vacuum. He also located the pistol under the stove eyes in the kitchen. The occupants of the apartment did not know how the items got into the apartment.
The officer arrested Joseph Reuben Brooks, 24, of Chattanooga, Lebron Terrell Brown, 27, of Chattanooga, Dematrius Latrell Bowman, 25 also of Chattanooga and Yvette Hunter of Silver Street Tullahoma. They were all charged with theft of property and held on a $15,000 bond and are set to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court Oct. 8.
Tullahoma Police Detective Rana Pawlowski is investigating the theft.