Former Tullahoma High School Co-Band Director to sentenced May 24

Martin Drew McFarlane jail intake photo.

Sentencing for former co-band director at Tullahoma High School was set for last Monday in Federal Court in Chattanooga. However, the attorney for Martin McFarlane was granted a delay until May 24 before United States District Judge Harry Mattice Jr.
McFarlane was indicted on Aug. 22, 2017 by a federal grand jury on charges of transportation of child pornography. The indictments came about after a search by the FBI and Tullahoma Police at his residence on Castle Walk in Tullahoma for the pornography.
In last week’s court action, McFarlane’s attorney filed a motion asking that he be allowed to remain free on bond and is “attending a 16-week therapy program which began Jan. 29.” In a motion to the court the attorney writes that “this intensive program was recommended to McFarlane as well as that he continue his individual counseling both of which he is doing.” The 16-week therapy program ends May 21.
The motion states that information on all of McFarlane’s counseling will provide unique insight for the court when imposing a sentence “that is sufficient but not greater than necessary” for the case. The attorney stated in the motion to the court that the counseling is to provide “appropriate assistance of counsel to McFarlane.”
Judge Mattice granted the delay and set Thursday May 24 at 1 p.m. (CT) in the federal courthouse in Chattanooga.
Assistant United States Attorney James Brooks is prosecuting the case.