Former Tullahoma Firefighter Faces More Charges for Sexual Exploitation of Minors

James David Huskey

A former Tullahoma Firefighter has had more charges added to his previous arrest that took place on March 27 on sex charges in Moore County. On Friday, August 25th 2017, a Moore County Grand Jury returned a true bill on a new case against James David Huskey.
Detective Mike Rainey of the Sheriff’s Department presented the case after gaining new evidence of Sexual Exploitation of Minors.
Huskey was arrested several months back and when he was taken into custody, so were electronic devices he possessed. Detective Rainey submitted the devices to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation for retrieval of evidence pertaining to Huskey’s case. Once analyzed by TBI, Detective Rainey was provided with data from those devices along with a report of the findings on the devices.
After receiving the information, and consulting with the District Attorney, Huskey was indicted for Sexual Exploitation of Minors (Over 100 images). Huskey had charges added to his current booking and is being held on bond at the Moore County Sheriff’s Department pending the next Circuit Court date.
According to information from the City of Tullahoma, Huskey’s employment was terminated.