Former Grundy Co. Student Sues School System and Sheriff’s Office

Trevor Sanders who graduated from Grundy County High School has filed a $1 million lawsuit against the Grundy County Sheriff’s Office and county school system, claiming his right to free speech was violated.
Sanders says he was arrested and put in jail for asking questions about Grundy High School’s Valedictorian policy.
Trevor asked questions when it was announced a student who was graduating after only three years – not 4 – would be Valedictorian.
When Sanders began to ask why, he was told he needed to meet with school administrators to talk about him speaking out.
In that meeting he asked to record the conversation. Soon after, he posted it on his public Facebook page.
The young man says he made no remarks about the female that was chosen as a person in the recording.
School administrators can be heard telling Trevor that he’s harassing the newly-chosen valedictorian.
Sanders was released after spending over 12 hours in jail.
The school later decided to have 11 Valedictorians for 2018, and the harassment charge against Sanders was also later dismissed.
In December 2017, the school board voted that students graduating early could not be Valedictorian, but afterwards the board reversed that decision. The lawsuit says Trevor and the graduating class weren’t told this when it happened.
Now, Sanders is suing the Grundy County sheriff’s office and school system for violating his right to free speech and right to search and seizure without reason.
The suit says Sanders wants $1 million dollars.