Former Coffee County Baseball Coach gets Prison Time after Plea Agreement

Bradley Newton Weir

The trial of former Coffee County High School baseball coach Brad Weir will not take place as a plea agreement was agreed to between all parties on Wednesday. Weir was facing a 16-count indictment after being charged with having sex with a 15-year-old Coffee County student in 2015. He pled guilty to 3 counts. The arrangement means that Weir, age 47 could serve up to 8 years in state prison. Six years is to be served at 100 percent.
District Attorney Craig Northcott says Weir agreed to the charges of statutory rape by an authority figure, aggravated statutory rape, exploitation of a minor (possession of child pornography). Northcott statement:
Weir is also facing charges in Hamilton County after allegedly hitting a man with the car he was driving. Later that night Weir was being served an arrest warrant for the alleged aggravated assault. He was later charged with resisting arrest and assault of a police officer.
Weir has served the last five months in the Coffee County Jail. He will be transferred to state custody.