Former Bus driver Suing Grundy County School Board and Director of Schools

A former school bus driver is suing the Grundy County School Board and Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey.
The bus driver, Terri Tate, says she was not paid a promised bonus because of strong hostility Director Kinsey has toward the driver’s daughter, School Board Member Kasey Anderson. Tate said Kinsey and an ex-board member sued her daughter in June of 2017.
Tate claims she was the only bus driver who did not receive a bonus after the board voted to allow all bus drivers as non-salaried employees to receive a bonus in the amount of $100 for each year served.
Tate also said bus drivers only received $50 for each year instead of the originally voted on amount.
In addition, Tate explained that Kinsey refused to meet with her and refused to allow her to be placed on a school board meeting agenda.
She also said she believes certain board members requested Kinsey go ahead and pay Tate the money approved by the board, but Kinsey “willfully, maliciously, and wrongfully has refused to pay the plaintiff.”
Tate is suing the school board because its members failed to override Kinsey’s refusal and did not order and direct Kinsey to give the bonus the board had approved.
Tate is suing for the $2,000 bonus, for the 20 years she worked as a driver, and for $100,000 for punitive damages. She also wants her attorney and court fees covered. (WRCB-TV)