Foreclosure Help From The Government

Foreclosures happen. Finally, there’s real help from the government. The independent foreclosure review is a free program monitored by federal bank regulators available to eligible homeowners who went through a foreclosure in 2009 or 2010. Marc Morial, President/CEO of the national urban league says, eligible homeowners can request to have their mortgage file reviewed by a neutral party to see if errors occurred during the foreclosure process. The review is free and if an error is found, homeowners may be eligible for compensation or other remedy such as refunded fees, stopping of a foreclosure, or payments that could range from $500 to $125,000, plus equity. Eligible homeowners must call 1-855-778-0855 immediately because the deadline to apply is December 31. That’s just days away, so call 1-855-778-0855 today or visit