Flavored Milk Most Popular

As kids are now back in school, some cafeterias have introduce revamped menus.
The menus offer nutrient-rich flavored milk, and more whole grains, fruits and veggies, all in line with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s new school lunch regulations. All flavored milk will be fat free, and lower in calories and sugar than ever before.
Despite these positive advances and the essential nutrients milk offers children, school milk consumption continues to decline for the third year in a row and kids are falling far short of the recommended servings of milk each day.
Registered dietitian Carolyn O’Neil says, “Flavored milk is the most popular choice in school lunch rooms and students drink less milk when it is not offered”. O’Neil added “it’s important that kids learn how to make food choices in the lunch room to develop skills that last a lifetime.”O’Neil continued, “By providing a variety of nutritious and delicious foods – like fat free chocolate milk — we’re teaching kids good decision-making to ensure that lunch doesn’t end up in the trash. Flavored milk is a win-win on the lunch tray”.
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