Five Grundy County Students Head to Court Charged with Attempted Aggravated Rape–Team Forfeits Game

The Grundy County football team added a loss to their season record Friday night.
The team was forced to cancel their game against Upperman High School in Putnam County. This comes after five of the team’s players were charged with attempted aggravated rape.
The school board is meeting Monday October 16, 2017 to decide the fate of the team.
TSSAA Handbook states that it is a longstanding TSSAA Board of Control Policy that if a school states they are going to compete in the football playoffs and/or regular season contests that leads to the playoffs and they fail to do so; the school is also removed from the post season in basketball. If Grundy County High School decides not to complete the football season, they will be removed from the postseason basketball tournament, as per Board policy. They would be allowed to appeal to the TSSAA Board of Control upon request by the administration.
The five Grundy County High School students charged with attempted aggravated rape were placed under house arrest.
It will be up to a juvenile court judge to decide how long the students will wear ankle monitors. It will also be up to that same court system to determine if the students will face adult charges.
David McGovern, Assistant District Attorney for the 12th Judicial District said, “They’ll be in juvenile court on Monday, which serves a different purpose than adult court.”
“We’re bouncing a couple of factors here. On the one hand, we’re wanting to hold folks accountable for conduct. On the other hand, with juveniles, you’re also wanting to have something that will be beneficial even to the folks we think have committed crimes,” McGovern said.
The punishments are less severe if a juvenile is found guilty. They range from probation to jail time up until their 19th birthday.
McGovern said it could be months or even a year before a judge makes a ruling in the case.