Five Grundy County Football Players Charged with Attempted Aggravated Rape–Coach Suspended

Casey Tate

An incident involving hazing is under investigation in Grundy County.
Director of Schools Jessie Kinsey says that a hazing incident did happen at Grundy County High School football field house.
Kinsey added that the students will be punished according to the school handbook.
Sheriff Clint Shrum says investigators spent the afternoon interviewing students, teachers and parents to determine what happened.
Sheriff Shrum says that 5 Grundy County H.S. football players have now been charged with attempted aggravated rape.
The sheriff said the victim was placed on the floor with his arms behind his back, and one participant put his knee on his neck while others held down the 15 year-old freshman’s legs. One of the five others reportedly involved recorded the assault on a cell phone. That video has since been recovered by authorities.
Authorities said the students did not have permission to be at the field house at the time and they are still investigating how they got access.
Also on Thursday Director Kinsey said that GCHS Head Football Coach, Casey Tate is suspended from coaching pending further investigation into new information that has been provided. Assistant Coach, Greg Brewer will assume the role of head coach of the football team during this suspension.