Fireworks Show Up In The Air Again In Tullahoma–Decision Soon

fireworks3The members of the Tullahoma Kiwanis Club will decide by the end of May whether or not to hold a fireworks show this year, that according to club member Mike Rutherford.
Rutherford appeared before the Tullahoma Airport Authority and told them that a decision still has not been made as to where to hold the show.
Rutherford said that some money has been promised to have a show at the airport or a possible show at the Tullahoma football field. “If we hold the show at the airport then we can have a small airshow,” he said. “That would cost about $16,000 to $17,000.”
He said that they are still trying to raise money for the show. Airport Authority Chairman Sam Crimm suggested to Rutherford that he use the website Board member Sharon Tinkler said that people from all of the world donate to people on that site. “Tell them that you are in a small Tennessee town trying to keep alive a Fourth of July tradition and you need funding,” Crimm said. “People will donate.” Rutherford said that he would check out the site.