Fire Training July 22 in Manchesster

On July 22, 2017 Manchester Fire-Rescue will be conducting Fire Commission approved Live Fire Training at 1314 Summer St. This house was donated to the fire department to conduct live fire training. During that morning Manchester Fire-Rescue will block Clover Lane (from Hwy 41 by the bank) to Summer St, and then Summer St from Clover lane towards Hills Chapel Road. This training will be conducted with members of Manchester Fire-Rescue, Hickerson Station Volunteer Fire Dept, and New Union Volunteer Fire Dept.
Residents will be able to travel towards from the east side of Summer St to Hills Chapel Rd, and will able to travel from Clover Lane to Hills Chapel Rd from Rogers Circle.
Manchester Fire and Rescue apologizes for any inconvenience that may occur, but this is for the safety of First Responders operating at the live burn on July 22. Most likely the area will be shut down from 8AM – 4 PM that day. Barricades will be in place indicating the areas blocked off.