Fire Injures Coffee County Woman

fire 1On Saturday morning around 9:45am Coffee County Deputy Everette Mullins responded to a call of a trailer fire at 247 Ferrell’s Branch Road. When Mullins arrived, a Gary Foster advised the owner of the camper Clara Anderson was at 2730 Noah Road and needed medical attention. Coffee County EMS was called to Anderson’s location.
In his report Mullins says Foster told him that he was on his way to work and noticed smoke coming from the camper. Foster said he saw debris in the yard and didn’t think Anderson was at home, but he started to hear her cry. At this time Foster says he ran inside and pulled Anderson to safety. Foster received burns to his arms.
Mullins’ report goes on to say that after seeing that the camper was completely burned he went to check on Anderson. The deputy noticed Anderson, who is 91, had severe burns on her hands and her hair was singed.
When Coffee County EMS arrived they transported Anderson to North Coffee Elementary and she was airlifted to the Vanderbilt Hospital Burn Unit in Nashville.
Miss Anderson’s daughter told Deputy Mullins that she and her husband had just left the trailer a short time before receiving a call about the fire. She stated that they relit Anderson’s pilot light on the hot water heater before leaving to haul garbage.
Upon checking the camper, the North Coffee Volunteer Fire Department advised that it appeared there had been a small explosion in the camper. There was glass from the camper windows about 20′ from the camper were it landed. The deputy’s report says that it appeared that possibly the oxygen that Anderson uses or gas fumes ignited a short time after the pilot light was lit causing a small explosion.
The cause of the fire is still under investigation.