Fake Bill Turns Out To Be Real

Shelbyville Police jailed a man whose currency wasn’t current.
Later, the arresting officer told Lorenzo Gaspar he was sorry he’d arrested him after discovering the $50 bill was real.
The Shelbyville Times-Gazette reported Officer Brock Horner arrested Gaspar on Friday after a clerk at a Quik Mart told police a marker used to detect counterfeit bills wouldn’t mark the one Gaspar gave him.
Turned out the money wasn’t at fault, the process was.
Evidence technician Sgt. Bill Logue told Horner to have the bill examined at banks. One found the 50 “real, but very old.” Another used a black light and magnifying glass to determine the bill was legitimate.
The arrest wasn’t. Horner apologized to Gaspar after a judicial commissioner released him from jail.