Fair Pageant Winners

Fairest of the Fair. None of the photos are no certain order by name… Thanks Shannon Smith with ShannonSmiles for the photos.

Fairest of the Fair
Winner Catelyn Millaway
1st runner-up Maggie Partin
2nd runner-up Madison Vaughn
3rd runner-up Heather Cunningham
4th runner-up Lindsey Dickson

Miss Teen Coffee County

Miss Teen Coffee County
Winner Ryan Green
1st runner-up Claire Bryant
2nd runner-up Trinity Taylor
3rd runner-up Madelyn Schultz
Tie 4th runner-up Lexy Rapoza and Cyeria Damron

Junior Miss older group

Junior Miss Older Group
Winner Shelby Grace Hall
1st runner-up Kara Wheeler
2nd runner-up Sadie Beth Davenport
3rd runner-up Emily Suzann Pickell
4th runner-up Julianne Marie Brock

Junior Miss younger group

Junior Miss Younger Group
Winner Adalyn May Clark
1st runner-up Karly Faith Brinkley
2nd runner-up Kyndal Grosch
3rd runner-up Hallie Grace Tipps
4th runner-up Madelyn Paige Scott

Little Miss 4-5 year olds

Little Miss 4-5
Winner Hannah Gayle Tipps
1st runner-up Cambree Nicole Hammock
2nd runner-up Kealey Nichole Branch
3rd runner-up AnnaLee Mae Crosslin
4th runner-up Mallory Lynne Carr

Toddler Boys

Toddler Boys
Winner Kason Lee Wilson
2nd Raylan Michael Tucker
3rd Wyatt Colt Constantine

Toddler Girls

Toddler Girls
Winner Bella Marie Warren
2nd Tatum Gray Craigue
3rd Karah Eddleman

18-24 month old boys

18-24 Months Boys
Winner Cash Alan Vickers
2nd Oliver Oakley
3rd Ridge T Brown

18-24 month old girls

18-24 Monty Girls
Winner Kinsley Hillis
2nd Piper Gordon
3rd Carrington Grace Lorance

12-18 month old boys

12-18 Month Boys
Winner Tavin Deason Makai Jackson
2nd Brixton Williams
3rd Gabriel Anthony Montes

12-18 month old girls

12-18 Month Girls
Winner Zara Blair Gill
2nd Novalee Grace Crosslin
3rd Avery Grace Nash

6-12 month old boys

6-12 Month Boys
Winner Benjermin Penny
2nd Keiston Hodge
3rd Xavier Wooten

6-12 month girls

6-12 Month Girls
Winner Teagan Steere
2nd Raylyn Lawrence
3rd Makeeley Schomburg

0-6 month old boys

0-6 Months Boys
Winner Killian Claude Smith
2nd Kasen Lee Stewart
3rd Wylde Maverick Warfield Cotner

0-6 month old girls

0-6 Months Girls
Winner Kora Harper Penick
2nd Madilynn Raine Tate
3rd Taylor Lynn Marcom