Expert Warning On Child Abuse

Our Kids Center in Nashville

Experts discovered an alarming statistic regarding children in Middle Tennessee and what happens to them during their spring and summer vacations.
It has officials concerned enough that they’re issuing a warning to parents.
More Middle Tennessee children are sexually abused during the spring and summer. Over the last 10 years data show’s there’s no question that more abused children are seen by professionals in the months of March through August – than any other months of the year. A spokesman from “Our Kids” an outpatient clinic at General Hospital in Nashville says the data comes from child sex abuse victims from 45 Middle Tennessee counties. She said the spike in abuse is not just season-specific, but month specific, when kids are typically on vacations.
On an average month they see 65 to 75 kids. During March, June and July it goes up to an average of 80 to 95. It’s extremely important to report abuse if you suspect it. In fact, in Tennessee, it’s required by law.
To report abuse you can call 1-877-237-0004.