Ex-Husband Of Missing School Teacher Ordered To Stay Away From His Child

Shelly Mook

The ex-husband of a missing Shelbyville Harris Middle School teacher has been ordered to stay away from his own child after alleged talk about burning down grandparent’s home. A temporary restraining order was issued against Tyler Mook, ex-husband of Shelly Mook, who disappeared in early 2011, after an emergency motion to suspend his visitation rights was filed by Debra Sikora, Shelly Mook’s mother and primary custodian of her granddaughter. During a hearing last week before a Bedford County Circuit Court Judge, testimony was heard that alleged that Tyler and his mother Kim Mook allegedly talked with the girl about burning down Sikora’s home in Pennsylvania. The restraining order was filed against Tyler, Kim and also Jim Mook, the child’s grandfather. A hearing is set for Oct. 30 at 9 a.m. on the matter before Judge Russell.
Shelly Mook’s car was found burned but she remains missing.