Estill Springs Police Looking for Robbery Suspect

dollar-general-logoEstill Springs Police searching for suspect in a Dollar General Store robbery.
Just before noon this past Saturday morning a man wielding a knife walked into the Estill Springs Dollar General Store on 41A and demanded money, and he’s still on the loose.
The frightened clerk opened the cash drawer and gave the man what was inside. The suspect then fled the store on foot and the clerk called police.
Estill Springs Police Chief Alan Rhodes is asking for the public’s help in identifying a vehicle that may have been parked on Cinder Path Road, behind the store and across the railroad tracks between the hours of 11 a.m. and noon on Saturday.
“We believe he parked his car down there and we’re asking anyone who might have seen a car parked there to give us a call,” Rhodes said.
The man is described as wearing dark colored overhauls, with a black tee shirt and scarf and wearing a black wig.
Police do have surveillance footage of the suspect. If you have any information about the suspect or the suspect’s vehicle, please call Estill Springs Police at (931)649-2233.