ERPUD will Raise Rates beginning May 1

Elk River Public Utilities District (ERPUD) will begin a rate increase beginning May 1.
The customer charge, is a flat fee that helps pay for the infrastructure costs of delivering gas safely to customers and is not based on usage.
A rate increase implemented last year to bolster Elk River Public Utility District (ERPUD) against a potential budget shortfall in FY2017 proved to be too little to protect the company from flagging sales due to warm temperatures and the loss of two of its biggest customers, according to ERPUD officials.
Since the July 1, 2016 start of the fiscal year, recorded temperatures for the year have been 31 percent warmer than average, with the effect that customers have purchased less gas to heat their homes and businesses.
Residential customers with year-round service will see a $1.50 increase from $9.25 to $10.75.
Residential customers with heat-only service will see a $1.75 increase from $12.25 to $14.
Customers the utility classifies as “small commercial” will see their monthly charge bump from $14.75 to $17.
“Large commercial” customers will see the charge move from $55 to $60.
For “industrial processing” and “interruptible” customers, the charge will bump from $225 to $250. (Tullahoma News)