Electronic Textbooks Headed To Tullahoma Classrooms

Tullahoma Director of Schools Dan Lawson

Tullahoma City Schools is moving toward having electronic textbooks in use on limited basis during the upcoming school year with plans to have the most of the student body fully on line by 2014. Director of schools Dr. Dan Lawson says the electronic textbooks will allow more convenient and better access to the Common Core educational material.
The cost will be about $900,000. Lawson said the system can fund the purchases with the $300,000 annually it would normally spend on hardcover textbooks.
Lawson said the electronic textbooks can have their educational material tailored to local level issues which would increase student interest in subjects. He used an example that someone like Dr. Michael Bradley, a noted Civil War historian from Tullahoma, could provide information about the Tullahoma Campaign. He added the approach would provide a local touch to the students’ learning process.