Election Time is Coming Soon

The Coffee County election process will crank up in full force on May 1.
Primaries will be in May, the county general election and state primary in August and state general in November.
County elections in 2018 will be held for: mayor, all 21 commissioners, trustee, sheriff, county clerk, circuit court clerk, register of deeds, road superintendent, road commissioners and constables.
City elections in Manchester and Tullahoma will also be held in August.
There will be some new faces on the county commission as some current commissioners will not seek re-election: Sam Mai, Republican representing Manchester’s District 4, Diane Argraves, a Democrat representing rural District 11, Kerry Farrar, a Democrat representing District 8, Mark Kelly, a Republican representing Tullahoma’s District 15, Kimberly Martin, a Republican representing Tullahoma’s District 17, and Rush Bricken, a Republican representing Tullahoma’s District 21 have all decided not seek re-election. Others may choose not to run, but have not announced.
In county-wide elections Coffee County Mayor Gary Cordell will seek re-election and former mayor David Pennington will also run for the office he once had.
Sheriff Steve Graves, a Democrat, is undecided. Republicans Chad Partin, Brandon Tomberlin, Larry Swan and Harry Conway say they are running for sheriff. Danny Ferrell, an independent, has said he will enter the race.
Only incumbents have said they’ll run for the following four county positions. Trustee John Marchesoni, Republican will run for re-election. Register of Deeds Donna Toney, Republican, will seek re-election.
Longtime Circuit Court Clerk Heather Duncan, Democrat, is seeking re-election and Democrat County Clerk Theresa McFadden, is running once again.
Candidates may pick up petitions for the May 1 primary starting Nov. 17. Qualifying deadline is Feb. 15, with withdrawal deadline Feb. 22.
Deadline for voter registration for the May 1 primary is April 2.
Manchester and Tullahoma municipal elections will be held on Aug. 2.