E-Mail Warning From The BBB

bbb logoIn today’s society, almost anyone could be sued at any point in time, and that’s what makes a malicious malware scam so effective. The Better Business Bureau warns business and consumers to watch out for fake emails that summons you for a court appearance. If you’ve received an email stating that you are supposed to appear to court, delete it immediately.
Some scams pop up repeatedly, each time with a different twist. How do you know the summons is a fake? Courts don’t send summons via email. Legitimate court appearance notices are routinely delivered via the U.S. Postal Service, Sheriff’s Department or by a process server, never by e-mail or phone calls from someone identifying them self as a court official. If you’re being summoned by these suspicious means, “DON’T FALL FOR IT”!
An example of a scammer’s latest attack was directed to the BBB Middle TN’s public email address attempting to download a harmful virus onto their computer.
The message says BBB is summoned to appear in court, but absolutely no details. To find out more, the email urges the receiver to download the attached “copy of the court notice”. With one click the attachment will infect the user’s computer with malicious malware.