E-Cig Bust and More

vapingThe Manchester Police Department CID Division and SWAT Team conducted 3 late night search warrants on 2 homes and 1 commercial business in Manchester on Friday night.
Drug Investigator Jonathan Anthony, Investigator Stuart Colwell, Chief Investigator Billy Butler along with the SWAT team searched a Mobile Home at 315 West Short Street. Police allegedly found Marijuana, Meth and other items that were seized from this location. 30 year-old Shawn Gassett and 30 year-old Taranie Medley were both arrested.
The business search warrant was conducted at All Things E-Cig at 315 Hillsboro Blvd. The Manchester Police Department had received complaints that the business was selling liquor as vapor for E-Cigs. Officers seized liquor from the business. This is a growing trend called “Vaping Alcohol”. This action could result in death. Digital scales were found with residue on them, believed to be Marijuana. One of the homes that was searched was in conjunction with the business. It is located at 375 Morton’s Lake Rd. where Marijuana pipes were allegedly found. A citation was issued and charges are pending in this case.
The office of Alcoholic Beverage Control was consulted and is working closely with the Manchester Police Department on this case.