Duck River Electric Membership Corporation Warns of Phone Scam

Duck River ElectricDuck River Electric Membership Corporation is warning members about phone scam calls in the service area. Callers are falsely linking themselves to DREMC, claiming the member’s account is past due and if payment is not made, electricity would be disconnected. The calls originate from 818-359-0121.
“These types of scams are becoming more frequent, and it is disturbing for everyone,” says Steve Oden, DREMC Director of Member Services. “Homes and businesses are being targeted with this latest scheme, and we want our members to be aware of how to handle it if it happens to them.”
DREMC would like members to know if they receive a questionable call, they should not give out any personal information. They are advised to hang up and contact their local DREMC office.
Furthermore, DREMC employees do not ask members for payment information unless the member initiates the call. Also, if someone claiming to be a DREMC employee asks for payment at your home or business, please demand official identification. Remember that DREMC and its contractors should be in clearly marked vehicles. If they cannot readily produce identification, contact the authorities.
Bill payment methods available to DREMC members include bank draft, online bill pay, pay by phone, pay by mobile app, pay by mail and pay in person.