Duck River Electric Co-Op Warns of Scam

DREMC members should be on guard for a resurfacing of an electric bill payment scam, which was reported in the Manchester area last week.
The people behind this fraud instruct members to pay their electric bills right then by credit card over the phone, or they will be disconnected within 30 minutes. The scammers have left this number, 931-572-5620, ext. 1, with members to call back with their credit card information. Thankfully, most of the members became immediately aware that this was a scam and did not give any payment information to the scammers. However, one such business fell prey to the scam and sent the scammers $350.
“We appreciate our members for calling the Manchester DREMC district office and reporting the scam,” says Michael Millraney, Manchester district manager. “This gives us the opportunity to alert members across our entire service area.”
“Please remember, if you ever have questions about your bill or a recent payment, call your local DREMC office yourself to ensure that you are talking to an actual DREMC employee working in one of our local offices,” advised Millraney.
DREMC mails late notices if your bill is past due, and the notices include a scheduled disconnection date. There also are a variety of ways to pay bills, including in the local offices, by phone talking to a DREMC representative on lines manned 24/7, online at and by using our free and secure mobile app download.