Domestic Incident Leads to Tullahoma Man’s Arrest

Richard Hasley Gosman jail intake photo.

On Sunday, (December 3rd, 2017) Tullahoma Police was called to 304 South Anderson Street for a domestic incident in progress. Officers arrived on the scene where Richard Hasley Gosman age 48 of South Anderson St, Tullahoma allegedly became combative and then slammed the door on the officers refusing to let them into the residence.
According to the arrest warrant, officers state that they then heard a female scream inside of the residence and police officers forced their way into the residence to check the welfare of the screaming victim.
Once officers were inside of the residence, Gosman allegedly continued to resist the officers and attempted to flee from them causing them to take the man to the ground and place him under arrest.
The warrant goes on to say that Tullahoma Police officers state that victim had red marks around neck area but did not cooperate with police officers questions.
After being transported to the Coffee County Jail, corrections officers located a metal one hit marijuana pipe with residue inside of it after searching Gosman. He was charged by Tullahoma Officer Jason Maloney with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and contraband in a penal institution. Gosman’s bond was set at $14,500 and his court date is December 14, 2017.