Despite Having $220 Man Leaves Waffle House Without Paying

Waffle HouseManagement of the Waffle House on North Jackson Street in Tullahoma reported to police the theft of services.
On July 18 Charles Watson of the restaurant reported to Officer Mickey Blanton that a white male refused to pay his $20.95 tab.
The restaurant supervisor reported to the officer that the man and a female companion went to the register and the man told the cashier that “too bad for you. I have no money.”
The couple then left the business without paying, but the man left his wallet behind with his identification in it. When the officer looked inside the wallet he saw $220 in cash inside.
The man had an address in Bedford County, so police ask Bedford County authorities to check his residence but there was no one at the address.
The Waffle House management was advised about taking out a warrant for the man who failed to pay his bill. The wallet was placed in an evidence safe at the Tullahoma Police Department.