DesJarlais Uses Up Almost All His Money

Congressman Scott DesJariais

While Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais may have persevered over a series of damaging revelations to win a second term in Congress, he all but exhausted his campaign account to do so.
DesJarlais, a Jasper physician who had sexual relationships with patients and once urged 1 of them to seek an abortion, spent $1.25 million on his campaign to defeat Democratic challenger Eric Stewart of Winchester and was left with just $15,660 on hand when the dust settled.
DesJarlais was left largely isolated in Congress following his victory, but has rebuffed calls that he either resigns or abandons plans to run for another term.
Several Republicans have publicly stated their interest in running for the 4th District seat in 2014, and DesJarlais’ depleted campaign coffers will likely give them more hope.