D.A. Corrects Released Information–Tullahoma Police Chief Pleads No Contest and Resigns Position

Former Tullahoma Police Chief Paul Blackwell. Photo from tullahomatn.gov

According to Coffee County District Attorney Craig Northcott, Tullahoma Police Chief Paul Blackwell pled to a no contest (not admitting guilt) on Monday. This was in reference to tampering with evidence. Blackwell resigned his position from the City of Tullahoma and gave up his police certification.
He received a four-year sentence that is deferred, meaning he will serve that sentence on probation. He can have his record expunged if his record is clean after that period of time. District Attorney Craig Northcott had originally told WMSR News that Blackwell pled to Class C felony but later corrected that information:
Former Police Captain George Marsh who had resigned his position with the city earlier has now given up his certification and received no time.
An investigation continues into the now former police chief’s son that was involved in an automobile accident in the fall of 2018.