Culinary Arts and Hospitality Tech School Opening At The Manchester ~ Coffee County Conference Center

Newest addition to the culinary arts team at the Conference Center, Chef Kimberly Davis

The Tennessee Board of Regents and the Council on Occupational Education has granted Tennessee Technology Center at McMinnville permission to open a culinary arts and hospitality tech school to be located at the Manchester ~ Coffee County Conference Center.  The program is set to begin on January 2nd 2013.  Applications for the program are currently being taken through the TTC McMinnville Campus.
General Manager and Senior Executive Chef at the conference center, Mike Osborne, will head up the program for Coffee County.  Osborne said he was approached by Dr. Warren Laux, Director of TTC McMinnville about starting a technology based culinary program in Manchester earlier in the year.  Chef Osborne and his staff have been doing a culinary education co-op program for select Coffee County Central High School students for the past 6 years.  Chef Osborne said, “The idea to start a work based tech school for the culinary and hospitality industry in our area is excellent and very much needed.”
“Most graduates from formal culinary programs have two big problems, they owe up to $50,000 for their education and no one wants to hire them because they have no work experience.” “Our program gives students exposure to the rigorous work that they will face in the industry and prepares them with physical skill sets that will match their academic achievements.”
If the program sounds like a challenge, Osborne says “It is, but it’s worth it!” The Culinary / Hospitality program is now open for registration through the Tennessee Technology Center McMinnville Campus.  It is a 12 month program starting January 2013 and will only be taking in 20 students.  The total cost of the program is approximately $4400.  Students that qualify for financial aid with FASFA will find that the entire cost of the program is often covered.  Interested students please contact Mike Garrison, Coordinator of Student Services at 931-473-5587, ext. 235, for more information.  Additional information is available on-line @