County Unemployment Rates Rise Across The State

UnemploymentCounty unemployment numbers for the month of June were released recently and showed the rate increased in 94 counties and decreased in one county.
Coffee County increased from 5.4 in May to 6 percent in June. The 6% rate means that 1,530 qualified people are without a job in Coffee County. Warren County’s unemployment rate for June was 6.9 percent. That’s an increase of one percent from the May rate of 5.9. Grundy County went from 7.5 to 8.5 percent and Cannon County went from 5.7 to 6.3 percent. Bedford County jumped up by one percent to 7.5 percent. Moore County‚Äôs unemployment rate went up from 4.5 in May to 5.2 percent in June. Franklin County had a rise as well going up from 5.2 percent to 6 percent.
Williamson County had the state’s lowest unemployment rate at 4.6 percent, while Hancock County had the highest at 12.7 percent.