County Road Commissioners Will Keep Their Jobs

The Coffee County Legislative Committee met Monday evening to discuss the possibility of abolishing the County Road Commissioner positions. Present were Members Bobby Bryan (chairman), Virgil Alford, Steven Jones, and Mark Kelly. It was said if the positions were abolished, Road Superintendent Steve Parks would save $6.300.00
a year. The Road Commissioners position is a four year term elected by the people and the total amount would be $25.200.00 over 4 years. Commissioner Alford made the motion to keep the Road Commissioners in their position with Jones seconding the motion. Three of the Road Commissioners were present.
Each commissioner present told how they perform their jobs and reported back to Mr. Parks, county road superintendent. At the end of the discussion a vote on the motion was taken and passed unanimously. The county will not abolish their position.
At the next Legislative meeting the Coffee County Constables will be up for abolishment. The committee will take a vote on what to do with the group that serves.