Cookbook Available Through Motlow

cookbookThe Motlow College honors program is currently selling cookbooks as its final fundraiser for the academic year, according to Dr. Scott Cook, associate professor of history and honors program advisor.
The cookbook, titled “Food For Thought,” is a compilation of recipes from honors program students and faculty, and contains approximately 250 recipes.
The cost is $15 per copy and pre-orders will be accepted until Friday, Oct. 3. The book can be ordered by contacting an honors student or Dr. Cook. While a text-only copy is available, the printed version will feature the artwork of honors program students.
“This is a student-driven project,” said Cook. “Students submitted recipes and one of our honors scholars, Heather Morris, took the lead and joined me in entering the majority of the recipes. Another honors scholar, Sarah Temple, designed the cover and artwork for the different sections of the book.
“The table has always been a place where the honors fellowship comes together, and to share that experience we have put this cookbook together in the spirit of community that lives within this program, this college, and the service area,” added honors student Robin Keel.
For more information about the fundraiser or the honors program, contact Dr. Scott Cook by calling 931-393-1738 or email