Computer and Cell Phone Scam

scam4Investigators have been cracking down on the latest scam to hit Middle Tennessee, one that tries to frame the victims for a federal crime. It is called Ransomware.
Several people have reported to local police that their computers locked up and a message saying it will remain locked until the victim sends $500. According to Capt. Frank Watkins of the Coffee County Sheriff’s Department, the virus is attacking Android cell phones. The virus locks the phone up and in some cases tells the user the FBI has flagged the phone or computer for pornographic material.
One place that a number of the viruses are thought to be getting on the computers and cell phones is from downloading music videos.
To avoid falling victim, yourself, law enforcement offers these tips:
• Keep your phone settings so that data can’t be downloaded and installed without your permission.
• Keep your phone’s software as up-to-date as possible. The companies that make your phone push updates to protect you from the latest security flaws.
• Download Anti-virus and malware apps that are available in your app store.