Composting: From Garbage to Gold

Annie Clements, Composting Coordinator at AEDC... Photo provided

Annie Clements, Composting Coordinator at AEDC… Photo provided

The City of Tullahoma invites the community to a discussion on Composting: From Garbage to Gold on Thursday, April 16 at City Hall, 5:30pm – 6:30 pm.
Annie Clements, Composting Coordinator at AEDC will talk about the basics of composting and why it is important.
Director of Public Works, Wayne Limbaugh, will provide an overview of the compositing program in Tullahoma and be signing up citizens for free composting bins.
“Our goal is to get an idea of how many residents would be interested in voluntary composting,” said Director of Public Works, Wayne Limbaugh.
“The compost Tullahoma project is not just an effort to reduce waste, but also an effort to change how we think about waste,” said Mayor Lane Curlee. “Even if the impact on the waste stream with this project is small, the impact on how people approach waste could be potentially really big. Other communities offer curb-side and drop off composting programs. If this program is successful at diverting solid waste from the landfill, then it will be a program we will analyze for growth.”
“This program is about teaching people to take peels, cores, and other organic waste and turn it into usable compost,” said Community Coordinator, Winston Brooks. “Burying solid waste in the landfill is expensive and not sustainable. If residents will recycle and compost, they would be surprised at how little garbage they actually create.”
The Clean Bin Project trailer will be shown during the meeting, according to Brooks. We hope residents are watching this, and we can have a brief discussion about that film. The Clean Bin Project is aired each night at 7 PM on channel 6 on LightTUBe cable in Tullahoma.  It will also play on a two hour delay on channel 15.
“Successful waste reduction must happen not only logistically but also culturally, and this movie will help give you a new perspective on the waste you create.”
Each workshop participant will have the opportunity to be placed on the list to receive a compost bin when they arrive at Public Works. Additionally, the meeting will give residents a clear understanding of the process and benefits of composting.