COMPASS Test Available At Motlow

Motlow 3Motlow College is offering the COMPASS Assessment test on the Moore County campus, and the Fayetteville, McMinnville and Smyrna centers. The COMPASS test is a computer testing system and helps determine students’ academic readiness in reading, writing and mathematics for college level work. Test results determine which courses are best suited to the students’ level of readiness. The first initial test is provided free of charge. Students who take the COMPASS test and feel their test results have placed them incorrectly may challenge their initial placement score and retake the test or portions of the test. The college charges a $10 challenge fee for each portion of the test or $20 to challenge the entire test. Students who are 21 years of age or older must take all three portions (reading, writing and math) of the COMPASS test unless they have valid ACT scores on file or collegiate credit from an accredited college or university. For the next available test dates and registration, please visit or call 931-393-1763 or 1-800-654-4877 ext. 1763.