Coffee County Schools plan for Eclipse on Monday

Coffee County Schools have announced that they are excited about the upcoming activities that are planned for Monday’s Solar Eclipse at each school. Parents/Guardians have some options regarding how they wish for their child to participate. Parents may choose to opt-in which means the student will participate in viewing the eclipse outside, to opt-in please sign and return the provided permission slip. The school system will provide students and staff with approved safety glasses for eclipse viewing. Parents also have the option of not returning the permission form and thus not approving outside viewing. These students will participate in an inside viewing of the eclipse. The third option parents have is come to the school and enjoy this event with your child, you will have the opportunity to directly supervise your child and participate in the festivities around this historic event. Lastly, parents always have the option to keep your child out of school to view at home or attend one of the many viewing opportunities around the region. This will count as an absence for your child and you will need to provide a note to the school upon return. While we realize there are strong opinions on both sides, school will remain open on Monday. Officials feel that our students are provided a safe environment and are well supervised at school and many working families depend on us. The school system also feel they have provided options to address parental concerns regarding viewing the eclipse. For more information regarding eclipse activities for your child, please contact your child’s school.