Coffee County School Bus Involved in Crash

Photos by Barry West

A three-vehicle accident occurred around 7:30am Wednesday morning at the intersection of Spring and Coffee Streets in Manchester. The crash involved a Coffee County school bus. Manchester Police was in charge of the scene. Manchester Fire & Rescue and Coffee County EMS also arrived at the location. Coffee County school personnel made their way to wreck quickly to attend to the children and parents that arrived at the crash site.
Coffee County Schools Director Dr Ladonna McFall told WMSR News that 8 students were taken to Unity Medical Center to be checked out as a precaution for minor injuries. The remaining middle students were moved to another bus for transport to the school.

Manchester Police Assistant Chief Adam Floied said the driver of the first car involved in the accident stated that his brakes went out. Floied added that the man allegedly ran a red light at the intersection.

The bus driver was not injured.