Coffee County Rescue Gets New Sonar

New Sonar

Coffee County Mayor David Pennington, Manchester Alderman Roxanne Patton, State Rep Judd Matheny and others show off new equipment... Photos by Barry West

The Tennessee Association of rescue squads, including the Coffee County Rescue squad, are proud to introduce the newest piece of equipment in its search and rescue arsenal. Emergency service responders statewide will now have access to the Didson High Definition Sonar. This state of the art sonar will enable emergency responders to more quickly locate evidence and potential victims
in underwater environments. This highly specialized sonar will be operated by specially trained Tennessee Rescue Squad members and housed in Coffee County for use state wide.
Applications for this equipment include drowning recoveries, evidence recovery, underwater pipeline and infrastructure inspection. Acquisition of this piece of equipment, valued at over $125,000, was
made possible through cooperation between the Tennessee Association of rescue Squads, State Representative Judd Matheny and the citizens of the State of Tennessee. This piece of equipment comes with an Eight Year Service Agreement.