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Update-Coffee Co. Jail Inmate left at Justice Center Overnight Thursday – Video Statement added

Captain Billy Butler and Sgt Laura Nettles

Carl Dalton Williams an inmate at the Coffee County Jail, was left at the Coffee County Justice Center by Coffee County Sheriff’s Department personnel overnight Thursday, February 7, 2019.
Williams, 33, was transported from the Coffee County Jail to the justice center for a court hearing Thursday for a domestic violence charge but was not transported back to the jail.

Carl Dalton Williams.. Photo provided by the CCSD.

K-9 officers saw Williams outside the courthouse early Friday morning as they were about to begin training exercises and transported back to the jail.
Captain Billy Butler with the sheriff’s department said an investigation is being conducted and corrective actions will take place…

WMSR’s Tiffany Clutter asked Butler if transport officers and jail corrections have a check list when it comes to transporting inmates and what a about a bed check at the jail? He said there is a list, but wasn’t sure about the jail and yes there should be a bed check. He emphasized that transport must come back with the same number of inmates they left with…

Butler added that Williams was in good health and was checked out by medical personnel Friday morning. He remained shackled and handcuffed through the whole ordeal Thursday night into Friday.
See more of what Butler and Sgt Laura Nettles had to say about this issue by going to our website wmsrradio.com to view a video.
Thunder Radio will update this story as information becomes available.
Williams declined to be interviewed by WMSR News.