Coffee County Home Allegedly Burglarized, Man Charged

Silk Deloina Trapp… Photo provided by the CCSD.

A Manchester man was arrested March 3 after a house in the northern part of the county was allegedly burglarized.
According to a report by Coffee County Sheriff’s Deputy Sgt. Stephen Sharketti, officers were dispatched to Green Grass Way Road which is off Highway 280 where the owner of a house spotted a silver Mercedes SUV leaving. The homeowner stated that the rear door had been kicked in.
As the deputy was headed to the residence he spotted a silver Mercedes SUV in a field on Gnat Hill Road. The deputy states in a report that Silk Delonina Trapp, 54, of Murfreesboro Highway, Manchester was standing outside the vehicle on the driver’s side. There were tire skid marks nearby and there were tracks in the muddy field leading to the vehicle. Trapp told the officer that he was not injured but an ambulance was summoned to check him out to make sure.
The deputy states in his report that he saw a bronze colored coin bank in the rear floor board of the vehicle. Trapp told deputies that he was traveling from Tullahoma back to his residence on Murfreesboro Highway. The deputy asked him if he knew where he was, and he said that he was unsure of what road he was on.
The deputy’s report states that he smelled alcohol and Trapp told him that he had consumed a “shot” of earlier. He said that a shot was three ounces of vodka.
Deputies Joey Ricco and Hassan Peterson then drove to the house that had been burglarized. Meanwhile Sharketti saw woman’s purse laying in the field directly across the roadway from the SUV. The purse appeared to have “fresh mud” on it. While the deputy was taking pictures of the purse a female from the house that had been burglarized arrived that the coin bank in the SUV was like one that she and her husband owned. She then was asked to describe any purse she might have which she did, and it matched the one in the muddy field. She told the officer that her purse had a handgun located in a zipper closed side pocket. The officer retrieved a loaded .38 Special revolver from the side pocket of the purse and saw identification of the woman.
Trapp denied having been at the residence on Green Grass Way. He was then told that the homeowner had security video of the man entering the house and leaving it.
Trapp was booked into the Coffee County Jail on his charges of DUI, aggravated burglary and illegal possession of a weapon. His bond was set at $62,500 and he is to appear in Coffee County General Sessions Court March 19.