Coffee County Commission Meets In Regular Session

County Commission... By Barry West

On the agenda Tuesday night at the Coffee County Commission meeting was the appointment of members to the Ambulance Authority. Manchester Caucus nominated Anne Frisby to continue in her position. Rural Caucus Appointed Rennie Bell to continue in his position . Tullahoma Caucus wanted to defer until the September meeting for their appointment, but Commissioner Bobby Bryan brought up the issue of not voting for current member Jimmy Bradford. Commissioner Rush Bricken told Mr. Bryan that the decision was made by the majority of the Tullahoma Caucus and they had issues to work out. Bricken assured Bryan that Bradford would remain in that position until the September meeting. The issue was pushed to a vote with Bradford’s name placed into nomination. Commissioner Mark Kelly nominated Jody Baltz, who is the city administrator of Tullahoma. Votes were taken with Bradford receiving 10 votes, and Baltz getting 8 votes. One Commissioner abstained. Because neither received a majority of 11 votes, neither were appointed, and the matter will be brought up again in September. This whole procedure took over one and half hours.
In other business the budget was passed with no property tax increase.
A resolution about the Coffee County Government Internet Use Policy & Procedures was tabled until next meeting.
The body did pass a resolution to purchase a building and land next to the Rural Solid Waste Department for their use. The price tag for it is $92,500.00.