Coffee County Animal Control Worker In Trouble For Allegedly Killing Dog

Toby loved going out on canoe rides... Photo provided

A Coffee County Animal Control worker is in hot water for allegedly shooting and killing a dog without following proper procedure.
According to Bryan Pennington, who was the dog’s owner, his black 16-year-old Labrador retriever, “Toby,” was picked up by Coffee County Animal Control Monday afternoon and was apparently shot in the head by worker Charlie Brown.
Pennington told us that his dog had arthritis in his legs and was blind in one eye.
According to County Resolution 95-41, Section 7, paragraph G, if a dog impounded for any reason is not wearing a tag or a name collar and is not claimed by the owner within three days of its impoundment, the dog may be claimed and redeemed by any responsible person without any liability to the owners, or the dog may be destroyed by the county. Pennington said his dog did not wear a collar because of a skin irritation.
According to Pennington, Toby was at his new neighbors home when they called animal control.
According to a distraught Pennington, the animal was lying on the sidewalk, and they thought something was wrong with him so they called animal control. That’s when the dog was picked up by animal control and later killed.
Bryan Pennington picked the deceased dog up from Coffee County Animal Control Tuesday morning and took it to his vet – Tom Harbin. He said everything checked out fine. He was just an older dog.
The Coffee County Animal Control falls under the county government’s Health and Welfare Department and is funded by the county. A committee will meet on this issue Monday (June 18) at 5pm.